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Our specialist knowledge gives Corporate and Individual clients the best breed of legal solutions. We strive to be the best Law Firm in Zimbabwe.

Our Services

Experienced Law Firm with a Commitment to Ensure Success

Corporate Law

‘Commercial Law’ is an incredibly broad term that can cover a large variety of more specific fields of law. The main part of this centres around the commercial context, involving companies.

Debt Collection

Our lawyers specialise in recovering unpaid debts from individuals and companies so we know the best way to get your unpaid debts recovered quickly which may involve insolvency proceedings, litigation or settlement out of court.

Contract Law

We negotiate, structure, and draft the contract in a way that protects our clients from breaches, non-performance, disclosure of confidential information, misrepresentation, fraud, and other liabilities.


We have the know-how, diligence, and commercial sophistication you need to help mitigate the harms from fraud, breach of contract, and other business-related disputes.

As a full-service law firm, we represent and value both individuals and corporates, and provide diversified services at every stage in a synchronised and professional manner.

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